Build flow pipeline, Clean CSV, and many more...

Use operations and build your business flow pipeline efficiently. Clean CSV, Validate Phone and many tools essential for your business.


Main Features To Play

Join us to explore features essential for your business growth.

Drag-n-Drop Flow Builder

Automate your business pipeline with our flow builder. Use operations that matters to you.

Multi service provider setup

Bring your own service providers for email, sms and http services.

Analyze CSV

Use our advanced query builder to query and analyze csv with any field numbers and rows.

All Essential Elements

Validate Phone, Validate Email, Create Shortlinks, Sanitize SMS Message content and many more tools.


Our Pricing Plan

We strive for peace of mind for our customer and thus we provide you one price for all flow operations.

One Price Modal

Use all accessible operations with your own service providers where ever applicable at one price.

What's included

  • Unlimited Flow Builder
  • All accessible operations for building flow
  • Efficient service provider integrations
  • Third-party API integration

Pay as you go

$0.0005 USD / task

Note: It will cost $0.0005 per task after all allotted tasks for the month are used up. A task is counted everytime the data is processed by an operation.


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Our Location

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The most common questions about how our application works and what can it do for you.

How does this site work?
We provide a portal to use your services to create flow for your business and run such flow with data sources.
Can I send email or sms from this site?
Yes, Of course, we provide you the flexibility to choose your own service providers to send email or sms. Currently we do not provide service providers for email of sms from our site?
Is my data secure on this site?
We store the csv files you've uploaded on our platform in a secured vault and account activity logs. We don't store any data records you request for processing.
Can I create multiple users in my account?
We are giving our best to bring up this feature ASAP.
Can I add new operations?
We are excited learn new ideas and feedback from you. You can always request new features and we will try implement it after some study. For now, you can create flow with operations provided on this site. Get started by choose one of the plans to get started.
Can I cancel the plan?
You can request cancellation of plan at any time. Since the plans are life-time in period, refunds are not made. Good news is you can request for demo before choosing the plan. Or you can use our Pay as you go option.